Datadave's How2 - How to add $ to a loved one's phone thru

Go to: [] (Print the page and click the link)

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Once you create an account, the start at the top and log in.

User ID: and Password you entered.

Click Login

Decline the credit card offer.

Click the Purchase Phone Time button

go down to the bottom,
click the field to the right of the *Facility to select "VIRGINIA DOC"

Press TAB

Then type in her ID # i.e. 1234567 (To Lookup: [])

Click search.
scroll down until you see her name
click in the little circle on the left of her name (to select) the new name.

Click Next

Click Add/Edit Credit Cards

Enter some credit card info. they will save it. (In the future, only the 3-digit code will be needed)

Enter the $ amount ($0 - $25 share the $3.95 fee, it goes up from there)

click submit twice
print if you want