's How2 List - How to create a Google Account and Google Voice


Click on "Sign in" at the upper right

CLick on "Add account" at the bottom

Click on "Create an account" at the bottom

Click in the box where it says "First" under "Name"

Enter Your 1st name for the account

Press Tab, or click in the next field (last name)

Enter Your last name for the account

Press Tab, or click in the next field (Choose a username)

I like to combine 1st and last nmes and tack on "VA" at the end

Tab to password and enter something you will remember, then write it down in a code that you can remember bet is hard to guess what it is
Tab to next password firld and enter it again

Click in the box for Month of your birth then Tab to the Day and enter it and the 4 digit year

Click in the box for Gender and select one

Do not enter anything in:
Mobile Phone, Email, and don't select "Skip", leave Location at US

Enter the numbers that appear skewed and the ones that look like a house address combined in the next box

Click the mouse in the checkbox that says you agree to the terms, but never read them.

Click on "Next Step"

Click in the box and enter a phone number that you can answer right now

Select TXT or Voice Message


Enter the code in th next box

Click "Continue"

Click "Add a photo"

Navigate to get a suitable photo to drag into the website

Adjust the protrait to see your face

Click on "Set as profile pic"

Click "Next Step"

Click "Get Started", Now you have a GMail account!!!


Click in the address bar near the top of the website page, (anywhere where it says

Enter "" and press Enter

Click the box on the left of the "I accept GV terms"

Click "Proceed"

Click "I want a new number"

Enter te number that is NOT local
Select the type of phone, Mobiles can get TXT

Click "Continue"

Call the person that you are setting it up and tell them the number

Send the number

Once they enter it, the screen will change.

Enter the zip code and search for number, it may take a while to find one, keep trying back